Blogging has become a large field in today’s business world, with every blogger trying to get the best out of their blog. If you are ready to start a blog, you might find it hard to choose which niche you should write about. Many people take bad choices and end up losing money on their non-profitable sites. Nobody wants this kind of failure and therefore, one must choose the best niche. Some profitable blogs, as rated by google, are listed and explained below, but it is your choice to choose one which suits you.

One is finance, which has good monthly traffic and the range of Google Ads price for this niche is ten to twenty dollars. That means you get around sixty percent of this when someone clicks on the Ad, which is high if you have the assured traffic. You will give advices to your visitors on how effectively handle their money or on how to dtart a business. If you are smart enough, you can also monetize this blog by affiliate links to some applications that help with finance issues. If you do the Math, you realize how profitable your blog will be if you just provide quality content to drive in more traffic.

Third is on food, which is

Second is a health blog, which will never get outdated overtime since there are many people that want to be in good shape. You will write on some topics such as ‘how to lose weight’ and with continuous updates, you will get to your destination. You will monetize this blog by using Google AdSense to run ads in your site and you can also use affiliate program. You will do this by referring to some health related products or equipments that sill help in activities like workouts.

Third is on food, which is for those ones who are good in cooking different dishes. You will provide your visitors with recipes on how to cook a particular dish and maybe offer classes on the same. You will be charging the classes, which will add on the money you get from running the ads. Make sure you provide different recipes on a weekly basis to be on the safe side.

Best niche to start a blog

Last on our list is a product review niche, which you just review on various products which are new in market. This one will grow quickly and give you good money since everyone wants the best of what is coming in and if you get your reviews fast enough, you are safe. You will monetize it by providing affiliate links to products that you review and recommend and also from Google AdSense itself.

Those are the best niches to start writing on if you are considering to start your blog. However, there is no niche that is better than the other in the list above. It all depends on some other factors such as the web hosting service you use and your search engine optimization strategy. You can choose any of the above and with a good web hosting service and SEO strategies, you will be sure to get profits by the end.