Facebook is the most popular social and media network in the world with a fan base of about 3 billion monthly active users. It mainly operates in two aspects, social media and advertising. Due to its global audience people are using it for marketing and communication platforms. Growing a facebook fan page is probably the best way to advertise your products depending on your particular niches and you have to use tricks such as to, publish evergreen content in the pages and create invite-only groups for your most engaged members. Also, use organic post targeting, post when your competitors have no idea, use more links depending in your audience choices and publish videos natively on Facebook ocassionally.

Test your posting frequency, team up with other Facebook pages in your niche, use advocacy to promote your brand, inform your email lists every time and run contests. Share posts from your Facebook page on your Facebook profile, grab attention and inspire action as well as use of harshtags correctly. Moreover, take advantage of new updates to the Facebook app and research on how to run an effective Facebook boost post strategies and ad campaigns. Finally, adopt the power of Facebook “dark posts” and focus on providing value and don’t worry about your reach or give up at first.

To create a fan page, you have to target the correct niche that will enable you to reach Facebook users who will consider your products or services. This will guide you on the content you create and how to boost it. In short, choose a niche that will catch people’s attention and of course that you have passion in. Some good niches to grow a Facebook fan page are:

This is one of the most

1. Health and fitness

Most people are willing to learn a lot every day and it won’t hurt them reading helpful ideas to improve their bodies. These include body exercises men can do if they cannot access the gyms and exercises expectant women should do in their final days, foods and care. Others are advertisements on laser hair removal and mindful activities people can engage in to kill stress and even common disease’s management such as diabetes.

This is one of the most essential niches which every Facebook user considers and such pages have huge numbers of followers. After your fan base has grown, you can choose to monetize your ad pages and even tag the centres where the products and services above are offered.


2. Fashion

By posting the various fashions and designs trends, people will follow you numerously to make sure they won’t miss any update from you. It is a good idea since people will always aspire to look good by putting on hot clothes in the market. They will browse more of your products and share out with others and may even give you a big name worldwide. It is an easy to start niche, you only need a good camera and attractive clothes, you will gather more of likes and definitely folowers.

3. Dating and relationships

Good niches to grow a Facebook fun page

Facebook started as an online socializing site and grew to even propose more of friends which you are familiar with. Almost everyone has made a friend through facebook and most relationships are powered on online. There are certain pages which contain ladies and men who are looking for long term relationships. Usually, people may be interested in searching through the people in your page, this way, they may involve themselves in for fun. Therefore, you connect fans looking for relationships from all over through your page hence engaging more fans.

4. Wealth building through investment

Everyone is interested in progress and success and normally what measures them is money. Creation of wonderful fan pages such as Billionaire Minds can bring great interests to a number of people. The fan page will have larger number of followers who wish to learn more about increasing their earnings. This page will motivate the fans, and they will use it everytime to account of their progress. Eventually, more fans will build up as they will be referred by the existing members to learn from your page.

As long as the niche focused is to grow the number of fans in a Facebook page, it is important to choose a niche that you have passion in to avoid boredom and hence failure to create interests of fans. With time, you may choose to monetize your facebook pages by directing links into your ads.