Choosing a niche for your blog can be hard sometimes, especially when you are considering to write on different topics. This should not worry you if it is your dream since it all depends on some other factors. Even though you are planning to do this, you should keep in mind that the different niches you choose should be closely related. For example, if you write on ‘how to make money online’, then you should consider ‘how to invest your money’. These are different topics but will be advantageous to you in terms of getting traffic and even make SEO easy. Now that you got that, here are some niches you will find rewarding, considering that you are willing to put in the hard work.

First on our list is on reviewing products, ones which are new to the market or on pending release. If you are good at getting your eyes on those quality products fast enough, then this niche will do you good. Note that your work here is just reviewing stuff, some of which might be complicated to use or handle. With these kinds of gadgets or products, your visitors might need to know how they work, which is a totally different topic. This should be your first pick since it is quicker and you might as well enjoy trying out whatever you are reviewing.

Third is on Food, which is

Second is on finance, which will always top when it comes to the best blogging niches. With this main topic, you will choose other niches, all related to money that your visitors will be interested in. You can use the examples in the first paragraph or be more creative, which you are. After this, it will be time to monetize your blog by using Google AdSense or affiliate programs. The keys here are sticking to the main topic, continuously posting quality content and being patient.

Third is on Food, which is for those who enjoy cooking and are good at it. If you can provide your visitors with organized recipes, then they might want to know how the food is useful in their bodies. Where you would be required to review some dishes, which is another different topic you will add in your blog.

Multi-niche blog ideas

Last on our list is on health, which has numerous fields you can write on. For example, you can choose to write on tips to lose weight and add on how to stop smoking, which are all under health. You can also choose offer work out lessons, well, if that is already in your blood.

With all these choices, it is upon you to choose the main topic which you will be comfortable with. Also, that which has a wide range of different topics under it, since you want to be on the safe side. If your goal is to build a profitable blog, then this strategy is the most effective. However, if you just want to write out your passions on different fields, not concerned about the money, then you are free to write on whatever you find interesting.