Shopify is a dropshipping business that allows buyers to purchase items from their website and have them delivered by the suppliers directly to the customer. This form of online business makes money by linking customers with suppliers by selling supplier products that they don’t possess on their website. It offers in-demand products to customers and markets extensively on these products to make profits from their sale. The site has many niches that it has specialized in to serve the clients with and drive up their profits.

One of the niches that Shopify is offering its customers is the pet beds for the clients that own pets. Many people own pets majorly dogs and cats, these pets sleep in the house and people don’t want them sleeping on the couch and want a bed made for them. Due to the rise in demand for these products, Shopify has opened online stores for these people to access and shop these beds for their pets. The store advertises its products on a variety of platforms such as social media and through youtube adverts to reach many people. They can partner with pet pages to help increase the products reaching many pet owners and increase sales.

Most people prefer using these covers

Another best niche for Shopify in the year 2020 is on the couch and sofa covers to prevent dirt from attaching to the fabrics. Many people have kids who constantly play in the house and dirty the couches. It is difficult to remove stains on most fabrics, and Shopify comes with a better solution. The site provides covers which in case become dirt, they can be removed and cleaned without affecting the fabrics. This has made it for mothers to maintain the cleanliness of their houses.

Most people prefer using these covers as it is cheap and easy to replace than remaking the whole sofa set. They make their orders through Shopify online stores and get them delivered to their homes at affordable prices. Advertisement of these products is done on family pages to make it easy for parents to spot them and shop them. The social media platform is another place where most of the adverts are placed to reach many clients and drive sales up.

Best shopify niches 2020

There is growth in demand for jewelry products by many people in the world, especially from artists and celebrities. Necklaces, bangles, and watches are materialistic things that the rich love to possess a lot. Providing these products to them at affordable costs and easy shopping way makes many to buy them. Shopify provides an online store for jewelry products, advertises them on celebrity pages, and even uses celebrities to advertise these products. This helps reach many wealthy individuals who love jewelry to purchase them. The niche has proven to be profitable due to a wide client base that exists.

Shopify identifies many niches that it considers profitable through extensive research and ventures into them. In the year 2020, it identified the niches of jewelry, couch covers and pet beds to offer its customers as they were in high demand. Many other niches exist in which Shopify can tap into and reap the profits that come with venturing in them.