In a bid to understand the best niche for product launch jacking, there is a need to understand the term product launch jacking. This begs the question, what is product launch jacking?

Product launch jacking is a situation where a website publishes all there is to know about a product before the product is officially launched. It is done to get traffic to another website domain aside the official product website.

Doing product launch jacking comes with intricacies that is more of a myth to many. The idea of product launch jacking is still a myth to many. There is so much to be done to be successful at product launch jacking; however, it should be done right before there is a launch. After the launch, it is no longer product launch jacking; it is just one of the many reviews on the internet. The many things that needs to be successful at product launch jacking are discussed as follows:

Product Search:

The audience might take the lies

To do product launch jacking, there is need to have a product. This is not about any product but a product that is yet to be launched. The website owner needs to understand the product well enough to actually participate in product launch jacking. There is a need for the website owner to be abreast of what the product is and what it has to offer before the producers of the product give an official statement of the product.


It is important that all product review on the website dedicated to product launch jacking should be as real as possible. The internet never forgets the lies they have read anywhere ever. They are actually smarter than you give them credit, just because they are readers doesn’t mean you can feed lies.

The audience might take the lies when it is served but the truth does not hide away for long. In other to participate in product launch jacking, there is a need to be original in the reviews.

The Best Niche for Product Launch Jacking

Back links:

It is important to keep in mind that back links to the product should be everywhere on the website. This does not only add to credibility, it does a lot to boost the SEO rankings. There is no need to bore you with the workings of back links in this article.


The major game changer in any well read online article lies in the SEO rankings. SEO helps your article to rank top for anything that relates the product you are trying to hijack the product launch. Been on top of other articles is where a website owner wants their article for product launching to be. Ranking on top helps the readers to find the article faster and thereby driving traffic. Traffic is good news to every website owner.

After having all the information that is required to partake in product launch jacking, the next question that this article answers is the best niche for the job. Website revolves around the niche that they belong. The niche that a website belongs to determine the kind of content that is published on the website.

This is to say that the best niche for product launch jacking is dependent on the product. If the product is a mobile phone then the niche for its launch jacking is obviously tech. it goes without saying, the best niche for product launch jacking is the niche that the product is.