These latest digital projects resulted because something old had problems, or someone identified an opportunity to do something better. New projects are discovered for improvement hence the need to make websites faster and more secure, with a UI design that makes them easier to use and attractive. Ideas you can borrow to build cool earning websites are analyzed below.

1. Affiliate Blogs

Website idea, an affiliate marketing blog; it is very competitive since you only make earnings if you can drive sale. These websites use targeted content to promote products or services their visitors might be interested in. They get commissions from each sale they drive to the sellers of those products.

Affiliate blogging is simple although creating a blog that can compete takes more work than it used to. To make this a profitable side business, you can simply publish new posts as you have the time to write them. If you are patient, your affiliate blog can eventually grow to earn you a reasonable amount hence it’s one of the best website ideas to pursue.

Probably, drop shipping is one of

Work on a specific niche; you can choose to engage more in open shoes rather than all types, attracting a targeted audience. Research the best affiliate programs for your niches because some have their affiliate programs, which may pay out more than Amazon. Researching before signing up can bring out higher profits eventually, and set a content schedule, stick to it and make blogging part of your routine. Publishing content regularly increases the chances that your site will become profitable.

2. Small Online Stores With a Focus on Dropshipping

Website idea, an online drop shipping store; many online stores don’t ship items themselves but rely on drop shippers. Creating online stores is more complex than setting up a blog. Apart from the technical aspect, the challenge with running an online store as a side business is that dealing with inventory and shipping spend time. If you’re selling products you make, then you’re dealing with the kind of operation that can take over your entire schedule.

Probably, drop shipping is one of the best website ideas if you choose to create an online store that you can manage as a business. By practising drop shipping, you make the sale, and then someone else ships the product and earn your share.


If you’re interested in setting up an online drop shipping store, you can use . Work on a particular niche, bringing more traffic for niche products is easier than selling numerous types of products. Search for drop shipping partners with a great reputation. Products should not be delayed to your buyers and should be in good condition, so you don’t get a bad reputation hence the need to choose your suppliers carefully.

3. Resell Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is another great way to make a solid income on the side especially if you’re well acquainted with website development. This idea involves renting server space and using it to create your very own web hosting plans. It loads other useful features that will make account management a walk in the park. If you choose of create websites for reselling, reseller hosting is the best way to give out all services to your customers.

4. Online Learning Websites

Website idea, a job board site;

Website idea, an online course site; if you’re an expert on a subject, you can earn money by teaching it to others online. One of the best things about the internet is how it enables you to learn about anything. If you want to learn how to create a website, there are thousands of guides on how to do so. The same can be said for more practical topics, such as how to fix a phone’s screen or perfectly cook pilau.

Keep in mind that just as with affiliate blogging, you’ll need to work on attracting traffic if you want to make your website profitable. Many people actually put out free content on a regularly which is a smart way to get eyes on your site. Once you have traffic coming in, you can sell them on the benefits of your premium courses and start making money.

5. Job Boards for Specific Niches

Website idea, a job board site; running a job board can be tedious, but you can charge people for posting or applying to positions. Finding the best job openings can be a challenge because you have to look through many online platforms and sort through all the bad or recommendable offers. To avoid this, applicants can subscribe to premium job boards, which curate offers for them hence they can save time and only apply to the most likely job postings.

Website building ideas to make money

Just as with online learning sites, the best way to attract traffic from both employers and workers is to publish free content. With that in mind, setting up a profitable job board and growing it to the point where it earns you money can take some time, but it’s a solid business model in the long run. Also, if you run a business, you can post your job listings without any costs.

6. Service Websites

Website idea, the term “service” encompass many types of businesses. It’s an online business that sells something valuable that isn’t physical or digital products.

If you assess your existing skills, you’ll find there’s a service you could provide online. This could be editing work, assistance with programming problems, or pretty much anything you can imagine. There are plenty of platforms where you can advertise your services, but having a dedicated website looks more professional and increases your chances of attracting attention. Setting up this kind of website is also remarkably simple, thanks to platforms such as .

7. Websites You Can Sell

If you’re good at identifying website ideas and applying them, you can get some income. These website ideas we’ve talked about have much potential. However, if you don’t want to commit to any of them permanently, there’s always the option to sell the instead.

There’s a good market for websites with good track records, for example, if you have a site that makes you about $400 per month, will easily get someone who can pay a good deal of money for it.

Websites can surely give you a nice income if you choose them wisely and attract more visitors. Above are some ideas you can apply and build your website, don’t give up at the start because a fully grown website takes a lot of time.