AliExpress has since grown from its first launch in 2010, it is a Chinese based-company and essentially the middle man. It is referred to as the middle-man because AliExpress is the bridge between wholesale companies and buyers. And it is the favored company entrepreneurs use to dropship, why? They are inexpensive, they handle all the product, and they ship products to 254 countries around the globe.

AliExpress has every kind of niche drop shippers can use to sell. A niche refers to a specialized group of people that hold the same interest. As a dropshipping business, you’d only be targeting a set group of people that will buy your products e.g. cat lovers, your business would be centered around selling products for cat owners and their cats.

Selling hair is big business, the

The biggest profitable niches on the internet are; health, wealth, business and relationships. These are the top four niches that guarantee success for any business however AliExpress has proven that with just a small group of individuals buying your product you can make millions. They do not sell products that cater to the top four niches. However, the top-selling niches on AliExpress are primarily beauty, hair, and cosmetics.

Selling hair is big business, the hair industry as of 2019 was valued at 87,9 billion USD in the U.S markets. In 2019, the cosmetic industry was worth 93,5 billion USD in the U.S markets. The total value of the beauty industry is valued at 532 billion USD and the numbers are rising.

Top Selling AliExpress Niches

AliExpress is the biggest beauty importer in all the world, many businesses flock to them to dropship hair, hair care products, make-up, and many other beauty-related products. It is only natural to have such high numbers because women are the biggest buyers in the world.

AliExpress is mainly a lifestyle brand because it caters to all the things people want to have. The second biggest profitable niche on AliExpress is personal accessories and gadgets, the world today is fast-moving. All that matters is the latest tech and accessories, every mindset is wired to only want the latest trends. This industry ranks in a total of $ 481 billion in annual sales as of 2018, the numbers have since grown.

Given the two big markets of the beauty industry, personal accessories and gadgets it is no surprise they are AlieExpress’s biggest cash cows. If you pay close attention to product ads online consisting of beauty related products or anything tech-related. You will find that those products come directly from AliExpress straight to your doorstep. AliExpress is the biggest online wholesale retailer, many bees are buzzing on this platform. The best choice would be to follow the honey if you want to make money.

AliExpress solely caters to lifestyle products. It has a wide variety of vendors producing these products all you have to do is pick one that suits the niche of your business to be your supplier. You can never go wrong with Aliexpress because it has the capacity to reach every country in the world, even the ones you’ve never heard of. This means that every individual in the world is your client.