Instagram started as a social platform that enabled people to share their personal experiences through photos and videos and gain followers through that. However, over the years it grew and became a niche for lots of enterprises all over the world. People can carry out business adventures using Instagram and is now overtaking Facebook to be the largest social site.

It has easily dominated the market industry by supporting online shops and making it easier for people to shop from the comfort of their homes. Most of the thriving Instagram stores yet are thrift stores and beauty and health stores. Instagram has encouraged many people to start small businesses and get money out of it. Firstly, it is easy to create an Instagram account as it only requires little information and internet access. You only have to specify that the account created is a business account.

Most businesses require startup costs to even set up a store and the capital is mostly gotten from debt or loans rather. Instagram makes it easier as the internet is the major requirement to start the store. An advantage to this is you can create the account even months, put up stock and use it to advertise what’s in store for them. Online shops on Instagram are advantages to the owners as the money earned never experience cut-offs and, they get almost all the profits gained.

This is due to them being excluded from rent as Instagram does not require paying for the stores owned. Also, the uncertainty of whether the rents will be raised to an unmanageable point and the possibility of them being kicked out happening. It also eats a lot into the money gained from the business and doesn’t cover for holidays and off days. Instagram is a profitable niche in that it covers up for the marketing of products.

Products from online shops can be marketed by posts and Instagram stories posted and shared and these mostly reach numerous people whether following or unfollowing you. This works very well for thrift stores as they share a lot of information on where they get their fashion piece from.

The high rate of diseases and

Examples of profitable Instagram niches are; beauty, travelling, fashion, health and fitness, parenting and lifestyle. It is advisable to choose your niche wisely depending on your passions and identifying the right customers.

The most profitable Instagram Niche is Fitness

It is common all over Instagram. It’s the easiest you can get into, though one of the hardest to sell in due to the popularity of the market. This should not turn you off because:

There are so many fitness brands and new people are ready to spend money on Instagram fitness, therefore influencers gain exposure for their product.

The high rate of diseases and conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure has made people to spend a lot of time looking for such content on Instagram. This is what makes the fitness and health industry a very popular niche.

There are many people providing such

People are really concerned about their health. This industry is booming: has a total revenue of about $100 billion every year. In Instagram, users are looking for health and fitness products, workouts and tools. Therefore, this niche promotes products and services, and hence make money on the platform.

Health and fitness are definitely one of the most popular niches on Instagram that is more of a market by itself. Even with competition, it will always grow. Hence, this opportunity for influencers will always do well in this field of marketing.

The most popular sub-niches of health and fitness are healthy cooking, diets, dance, bodybuilding, fitness consulting, healthy eating consulting and weight lose/gain.

Fitness trackers tools such as Whoop, for example, its company shares useful tips on realising top peak performance. This helps to prove its niche expertise, promote the tool and attract new customers from the sites.

There are many people providing such content to the target market, but you can still join the industry and make some good amount of money from it.

You can choose to pick one

Generally referred to an evergreen industry, the health and fitness will never get outdated. It is advisable to look for valuable content that you can share with your followers as you offer them value.

This industry is prone to changes hence the need to get informed with new trends. You should aim at delivering unique content that others have not posted before so that you increase your following for those anticipating to discover new ways to keep fit. It is a potential for you to grow your Instagram account through increase in number of followers, and making money through uploading adverts for these brands.

Here are examples of different and specific Instagram fitness accounts you could grow taken from the most popular sports in the world which you can engage in:

cross-fit, yoga, snow-boarding, skate-boarding, gym/weightlifting (popular), cycling and swimming. Others are: swimming, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, golf, rugby and cricket.

You can choose to pick one sub-fitness-niche and grow an account focused on it. Through this, you can know who your followers are and what their preferences are so that you can sell to them.

The most profitable Instagram niche

This niche is profitable through the following depending on specific sub-niches:

Shoutouts/ads, clothing (teespring, shopify, printful), selling online courses and selling consumables such as green tea.

Shoutouts/ads for skate brands, skate-boarding items (backpacks, tools, griptape, wheels, decks) and camera equipment which took the pictures of those media posted, you just need to tag their names.

Ads/shoutouts, clothing, gym wear, training programs, supplements, coaching, fitness gadgets, lifting gloves and ebooks containing information about the niche.

For Whoop, Instagram marketing is a great way to grow your subscriber base although the company also gives its fans can have a chance to use the tool for free. With Talkable’s partnership, this tool has developed a referral program that now offers about 10% of new subscription signs ups. This offer is beneficial for all customers as advocates get a free month of service and referred friends receive a cut of 30% in their first-month of subscription.

The fitness industry is hot on Instagram, and all users can make money from it: starting from selling fitness programs and equipment to promoting referral links. It’s a slow-to-get-rich scheme, but with hard work, it’s possible to earn a better living and leave the job you detest.