B2B or business to business niches are those marketing environments in which one business targets other businesses as customers to sell their products and services. Transaction takes place between businesses such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. It is a sale experience that takes place between businesses not individuals customers. There are various B2B copywriting niches the selection of it should be according to the experience of the writer. In any type of marketing the most important decision is considered targeting, and success is all about picking a strong market. B2B copywriting is longer and technical process and seems to more profitable and accurate compared to B2C due to work on the base of facts, charts, statistics and proofs. Following are some B2B copywriting niches;

The most targeted niche for copywriting is catalog copy which is a horizontal type niche. In catalog copy a wide range of products sold by narrating their short description and customer purchases by direct calling or filling a form.

Brighton businesses also considered compelling target niche it’s basically accompanied 500 firms and also interviewed different entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom from the sector of digital, creative and information technology. The type of niche is umbrella focus type, which you can work through different types of companies and can get creative common ideas for example the idea of transformation.

E-Commerce product description horizontal type niche,

Design industries are also one of the targets of copywriting niches in which related industries worked common examples of it could be Edward Beaman working as a consultant for different small business owners and provide consultancy for SEO analysis and define the brand message helping in maximizing traffic by writing compelling content for the website. Running successful business since 2013.

Direct response copy for health and fitness industries combination of vertical and horizontal type niche the example of business is Shawn Lebrun working as a copywriter since 2002 and assures the people to increase their profit, sales and conversion rate. (DRTV) target niche is a type of technology specialization and one of the types of services based business is Lisa Denver working since 1994 in Canada.

E-Commerce product description horizontal type niche, an example of the business is Jordan Mitchel working as a blogger and copywriter about e-commerce base products since 2010 on different platforms. In e-commerce on the products package the product descriptions are mention i.e. product’s benefits, features and what and how the product can solve the respective problems.

some B2B copywriting niches with examples

Entertainment advertising related type industries target niche is also one of the B2B type copywriting niche. The example of related business is Stephen Kamsler working as an entertainment copywriter since 2008 in New Orleans city of the United States. People attracted to the content of entertainment advertising promotional material i.e. ads that could be in the form of commercials in video form or written form published in different magazines or daily newspapers.

Resume and CV making is also a target niche of copywriting. In career success resume is a very crucial component example of the business is Erica Breuer working as a copywriter for making outstanding resume able to stand out prominently.

B2B copywriting niches can be proved as gamechanger in any industry and is enhancing sales which is a consequence of higher-paying and source of revenue generation.