Drop shipping is one of the best e-Commerce business models to start and earn profits without needing any upfront capital. You need zero capital to start this business since you get to sell products without actually having to handle their fulfillment and shipping. It also gives you the chance to pay for the product only when the customer has paid for it. This takes away the risk of buying products that may not be resold.

However, like any other business, having the right approach to drop shopping is key to success. You’ll need to do comprehensive market research to know the right niche for your online store, especially if you are new in e-Commerce. If you want to start this business but you’re not sure about the best niche, here is a list of top 5 drop shipping niches that you can consider.

1. Personal care

This is one of the most lucrative products to stock since they are always on demand. They include lipstick, perfumes, eyeliner, makeup, hand soap, fake eyelashes, and body wash among many others. This niche has a lot of competition, but the market is always available. You can be very successful if you choose a good supplier who gives the best quality products at an affordable price.

There are lots of stuff you

2. Home and garden care

This niche is very lucrative, but only a few people have considered looking into it. It deals with products like flowers, home décor, kitchen and dining items; and garden supplies such as fertilizers, grass, landscaping, and lawn care equipment. You can reap many benefits from these products once you know how to go about it.

3. Women and children accessories

There are lots of stuff you can stock under this category, including kids T-shirts, sweaters, and skirts as well as women’s dresses, headbands, bodysuits, and scarf clips. Other products under women’s accessories include necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches. These products have for a long time topped the markets due to the high-volume orders they have recorded. Starting your drop shipping business along this line can guarantee you success provided your products are of good quality.

Top 5 drop shipping niches for starters

4. Home gaming

There are many gaming products flooded in the market currently, but that doesn’t mean that you should not consider it because there is still a high demand for these products. Usually, clients study the products before taking the step to buy and if they buy from your store, then that will be a guaranteed sale that has no returns.

5. Weight loss

There are thousands of people searching on the internet every day for ways and products to help them lose weight. This, together with skin care and beauty, are among the eternal topics that will ever come up, and products under this niche are always on demand. Good knowledge of products and items that help lose weight will increase your chances of having more customers, and in the end, become a successful drop shipper.

Passion, determination, self-motivation, and believe in the products you’re selling is key to making your business profitable. In addition, you need to understand the market and your target clients as well to know what they want, and also provide proper product description.